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  • America's Got Talent Season 9

The Mind Noodler

Matt Donnelly has no business being a magician...​

The Mind Noodler was spawned when Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) dared the comedian and head writer for Penn & Teller: Fool Us to "learn a goddamn trick". ​

That dare lead Matt to call in every favor he had and have some of the undisputed powerhouses of the Las Vegas magic scene (Johnny Thompson, Mac King, Teller and Piff the Magic Dragon...just to name a few) to each teach him one trick. Astonishingly, they did! The Mind Noodler was born. ​

From that initial Las Vegas run Matt has garnered tremendous success touring comedy & magic venues and theaters across the country. In Las Vegas he opens for Piff the Magic Dragon and is a regular fill in for Mac King and Vinny Grosso.​

Matt is currently the co-host of Penn's Sunday School and Head writer for Penn & Teller's Fool Us on the CW Network. Matt also co-hosts The Piff Pod with Piff the Magic Dragon as well as Ice Cream Social (ICS).​

In his spare time (Like he has any...) he hosts Abracababble; The Internet's #1 Subscription Only Magic Podcast.

the Almost Psychic

  • Coordinator for Elkton Magic

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